Why You Should Consider Buying A Used Tesla Model S

  • Late 2012: Original RWD Model S Launch with 60kWh and 85 kWh models. Those who upgrade to the 85 kWh battery ($10K option) gets free unlimited supercharging ($2K option).
  • Nov 2014: Introduction of AWD P85D with dual motors and “Insane” mode, Autopilot Hardware V1 (pretty much end of life now).
  • 2015: Introduction of 70D and 90D variants.
  • 2016: Model S gets a facelift, removing the black front grill, gets HEPA filter bioweapon defense mode. 100D variant introduced.
  • Early 2017: Tesla ends Free Supercharging program

Price and Availability


Free Fuel
The car’s display will show a pricing chart for those without free supercharging
With Lyft and life, I drive about 800 miles a week.


Tax Benefits


Prefer private party to dealer

Verify the battery range and free supercharging

What to avoid

Check for the Infotainment Upgrade



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