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Looking Ahead to 2022

William Wen
3 min readDec 23, 2021


As a stock investor, and TSLA investor in particular, this last month has been pretty brutal. From the all time high in the $1200s, TSLA has dropped to $900 on a variety of macro and micro reasons. Despite that, I would like to end the year with a positive message for 2022.

Lessons Learned from Motorcycling

A common question from a new rider is, how do I go faster? Everyone can go fast in a straight line, but it’s the corners that are hard. The easy answer is: look ahead.

When a new rider looks at just the road ahead of him, the road seems to move by really quickly, even at slower speeds. There’s so much immediate data that it’s difficult to process all at once. Mid corner, a new rider tends to make a bunch of micro adjustments, also known as fifty pencing, named after the British coin that has 7 angular corners. Looking only in front of you produces janky and slow cornering.

It’s much better to look ahead through the corner. By having that single point of focus in the distance, a rider would actually perceive the cornering speed as slower. This also allows them to focus on a single line, thus navigate the corner more efficiently and quickly. Less data is actually better.

What does this all mean? Whatever you do, focus on the long term. Short term noise will distract and slow you…